ALTrace in Győr – The race where everyone is a winner

ALTrace in Győr 2013 Building on the success of former events but sporting a brand new name there will again be a race for ALTernative drive vehicles in the city of Győr, Hungary. Scheduled for 1st May, 2013, this spectacular international event promises exciting surprises for both paticipants and spectators.

The event is organised by start-up venture ALTmob whose members have vast experience (over eight years and dozens of race events for alternative propulsion vehicles) in the field. Adopting the spirit of the great Hungarian statesman and visionary István Széchenyi, organisers have decided it was time to take this highly regarded festival of eco-conscious INnovation to a higher level and turn it into a world class professional international event.

ALTrace számunkra fontos

In the vein of former ALTernative competitons this year's event "ALTrace Győr 2013 – ALTernative Run" aims to present spectators with creative engineering solutions and innovative ideas in an enjoyable manner and thereby promote the ideals of alternative mobility and ecologically responsible motoring. In line with the race traditions vehicles using different technologies (electric, hydrogen, solar, compressed air) are entered in various categories (including Prototype, Modified Series and Racecar.)

ALTrace technology

This year's one-day event promises to be a memorable and fun experience for professionals and families alike. If you cannot join us in person log on to and watch our feed from the day's events. Reports will be regularly updated and provided in three languages allowing viewers from all around the world to follow the progress of the brave INnovators.

Tudományok Hídja - ALTrace 2013 Közösen a jövőért!

Under the motto "Together for Our Future" organisers of ALTrace Győr closely cooperate with organisers of Science Bridge, due to launch a country-wide roadshow this Spring.

Are you an INnovator and would like to enter your vehicle in the race? Post your application at or info(at)ALTrace(dot)com by 15th April, 2013.

See you in Győr on 1st May.

ALTrace in Győr 2013 - Live Stream

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