ALTrace in Győr – a clean race for a livelier future
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ALTrace in Győr – a clean race for a livelier future On 1st of May (Wednesday) the Nádor - subway and it´s environs will be taken into possession again by environmentally – friendly vehicle - wonders. The noble competition of the 45 alternatively driven vehicles promises to be an interesting professional event, likewise a nice family programme as well.

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ALTrace in Győr – The race where everyone is a winner
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ALTrace in Győr – The race where everyone is a winner Building on the success of former events but sporting a brand new name there will again be a race for ALTernative drive vehicles in the city of Győr, Hungary. Scheduled for 1st May, 2013, this spectacular international event promises exciting surprises for both paticipants and spectators.

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ALTrace All over the world different kinds of car-races exist. Among different kinds of conditions competitors and teams both use several sorts of vehicles to win and to prove that human ability and modern technology can achieve more and more unbelievable results. Names of competitors, teams, vehicles became suddenly admired and envied legends forever. But the problem is that while they use the most modern technologies they make big organizational work but they don't even use any of their huge advertising potentials to urge the solving of a very important problem.

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Green technology
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Green technology Hungarian innovators have been working suc- cessfully on the development and production of alternatively powered vehicles for many years. In the early 1990s, manufacturing began of the Puli, Hungary's first electric car, which was fol- lowed by the appearance of electrically powered golf carts based on the design. This construction continues to be manufactured in various guises even today.

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University race car is ready to make history
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University race car is ready to make history Formula Racing Team of the Budapest Technical University (BME) has frozen the design of its electric race car. The young engineers are preparing for this year's Formula Student race with a construction that is revolutionary in its own right.

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